Welcome to Geoverse

the undergraduate research journal for geography.

Geoverse - is piloting a national e-journal of undergraduate research in Geography. Our aim is to provide student support, whilst motivating and rewarding students for producing innovative and best undergraduate research practice, and then disseminating their work, through publication. Geoverse welcomes articles based on Undergraduate Research, which can be submitted from single or multiple authors. We also welcome guest papers from all other institutions. For more details please see the Author Guidelines.

Undergraduates submit an article, and this is reviewed by a team of postgraduate students, as well as being monitored by an editorial panel, where constructive feedback is given, thus giving a unique opportunity for students to refine their skills, as well as the chance for students work to be published.

Successful undergraduates can benefit by using this published article as evidence within their portfolio, so enhancing their employability prospects, as well as providing a stepping stone into a career in research. This geography e-journal will provide a project template in order to increase and promote participation nationally.

The Times Higher Education has written an article concerning the importance of undergraduate research journals. Further details available Times Article here.

Geoverse is a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University, University of Reading, University of Gloucestershire and Queen Mary, University of London.